Euronews: Palestinian man shot after ALLEGEDLY stabbing several bus passengers.......?

So according to Euronews 2 French guys were shot to death after ALLEGEDLY massacred 12 people in Paris..? And 2 Jihadists were killed by Belgium forces for ALLEGEDLY shooting at them,planning a terror attack.....?

How low will they get in order to victimize extremly violent Palestinians....? Even Maan News Agency, the official PALESTINIAN media reported the morning attack in Tel-Aviv as:

12 injured in Tel Aviv stab attack by Palestinian - TEL AVIV (AFP) -- A Palestinian attacked passengers with a knife on a bus in Tel Aviv on Wednesday wounding at least 12 people before being shot by a passing prison officer, Israeli police said.
Twelve people were wounded in the attack, including three who were in serious condition, four in moderate condition and five who sustained light injuries, hospital sources said. "The terrorist stabbed the bus driver several times but the driver fought back until he fled on foot and was neutralized by a guard from the prisons' service," a police statement said.
He was shot in the leg then taken to hospital for further investigation.*

EuroNews show themselves as more 'Palestinians' than the real Palestinians....

* Kodus for Maan News for making a honest reporting!

Photos: Alleged wounded people in an alleged stabbing attack getting alleged treatment from alleged paramdics...


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