MH-17 Flies Away From Crash Scene - Radar Reveals the Truth

The radar tracking reveals the truth - MH-17 flew away from the staged crash scene. Radar "chaff" (plainly visible in video) was used to fake the presence of a 'shootdown' that never happened. The Russian authorities attempted a misinterpretation both, as the inexplicable presence of an Su-25 fighter jet - which supposedly does a 180 degree turn to 'circle' the fake crash area. Yet, once one sees the primary evidence, it becomes crystal clear what really happened.

This explains NO rocket exhaust trail, NO 'destroyed' aircraft smoke trail, NO impact crater, NO missile detected on radar, etc.. The planners of this event KNEW the Russian air control would be recording the event, and used a well known method to FAKE them into believing the canned shootdown story.

Some eyewitnesses truthfully reported TWO aircraft visible over the "shootdown" area. Independent GPS/transponder
recorded data shows that these were MH-17 AND SQ-351 - the two aircraft which adjust their courses carefully to fly away from the scene together, with only one transponder on.

The only "crash" video claimed by both the US and USSR as authentic, shows no smoke trail... and more importantly, no airplane approaching the "crash" site! In fact, it seems to show a large dark colored trash pile or shack exploding into a fireball - nothing more. This goes to explain the very 'unusual' distibution of the so-called wreckage debris, and the lack of anti-aircraft penetrator evidence in nearly all of the supposed wreckage.

Another clue may be found in the real-life Operation Northwoods - a declassified top-secret plan devised by the US military, to instigate and "justify" a war with Cuba. Much of Northwoods involved staged 'shootdowns' of military and civilian aircraft, and faking crashes.

Once you know the plan, perhaps what is unfolding now will make more sense.


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