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ZEITGEIST is a Slick Con Job on Gullible People!

ZEIT(Spirit) GEIST(Ghost) = The Spirit of the Times *The ZEITGEIST Film
is Peppered with a Multitude of Lies! ZEITGEIST is a slick Con Job on
Gullible People that are willing to form a whole belief system from a
Slick Propaganda Film.ZEITGEIST leads directly to the New World Order
and not away from it.ZEITGEIST is a Marxist/Socialist
movement.Lennon,Stalin and Hitler would be proud of the ZEITGEIST

Added: May-4-2012 
By: amy2x
Conspiracy, Propaganda
Tags: zeitgeist rebuttal, video, zeitgeist moving forward, zeitgeist refuted, movie, zeitgeist addendum, peter Joseph, Venus project, Jacques fresco, Roxanne meadows, economics, resource based economy, philosophy, Elliott Nesch, documentary, debate, conspiracy
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