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Tactical Maps of Allepo, Damascus and Latakia???
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Hello there,

Does anyone have acces to the Tactical maps of the frontlines in the major cities where the war is the heaviest? i mean allepo, damascus and latakia??
When Al qusair wa under siege there was a flood of tactical maps, but now... there is nothing to be found:S
I hope some of u guys can help me!!
I have also added a poll just to see how devided liveleak is..


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By: yelleynats
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  • This war is unconventional in front lines battles are going street by street ... towns are taken where either resistance is weak or can be weakened.

    The major city to watch this week is in the far east ... Deir-ez-Zor ... when the SAA takes this community it opens up all the other communities up and down the Euphrates River all the way to the Iraqi border and Abu Kamal crossing. SAA forces control 90 - 95% of the community today.

    Other major action is in Darra in the very Southeast More..

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  • you can have a tactical fist

    viva Syria!

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  • You can be sure whatever you see will be bullshit. No-one in this game will publish the truth. Only what they want other people to believe.

    Your best bet is to follow Al-Akhbar at a leisurely pace and you will get a broad picture of what's happening.

    Without pictures, Basically Damascus is quiet except for fights in Jobar, Al-Yarmouk Camp, and a couple suburbs near Jobar. Aleppo is more or less stalemate. Any other reports of violence are background noise with the opposition trying to stay More..

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  • Wtf, someone must have messed with the poll... :| 

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  • Syria:

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  • What, no support for the Druze and Ismaelites....

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  • Neutral Map - Its updated by a military forum that shows both SAA and opposition points of view and no non-analytical commenting

    It just shows what and who is where.

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  • I can give you a tactical teabag.


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  • Go FSA... EXTERMINATE all Alawite and Shia in Syria. Kill all their men, RAPE their women, and SMASH the skulls of Shia children !

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