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Save pets, get tazed/Federal intervention for Newark PD?/random patdowns, warrantless cell tracking

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Police Taser Man Trying to Save Pets in Fire
Published 1, September 7, 2010 Bizarre , Criminal law , Society 33 Comments

Police in Pennsylvania tasered a man who was trying to save his own pets from a fire. The police said that they warned Damon Baker three times and then shot him with a taser when he insist More..ed on using a hose on the house before the fire department arrived.

Baker’s wife is pregnant with triplets and Damon helped her and two children get out of the house. He then used his garden hose to control the flames on the side of the house. He was trying to protect 11 Ball Pythons that escaped from their cage and were loose inside the burning home. Only five snakes survived.

Baker will not be charged.

We have previously seen tasers used on family


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