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The Stop and Go Back Man


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Once they were renowned for their easy going attitude to just about everything. Marijuana and gay marriage, legalised euthanasia. To be Dutch was to be inclusive and proudly multicultural, socially progressive and accepting of difference.

Today, it’s spun 180 degrees and is speeding in the other direction. Friction has grown between ethnic communities and minorities such that the government has declared its experiment with multiculturalism over. New laws have been passed making it much harder for prospective immigrants. They must now speak Dutch and show they’ve hit a basic salary scale before they’re allowed to join relatives already living there. And there’s a push to outlaw face coverings, and stop the construction of mosques.

[i]“I would not want to live or my children or grandchildren to live in a country where the ideology of Islam becomes more dominant every day, because the more Islam you have in a so

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