Father Bascio on the immorality of illegal immigration

Father Patrick J. Bascio, a Catholic priest, discusses why illegal immigration into the United States is fundamentally immoral. Illegal immigration penalizes less developed countries such as Mexico that are sources of illegal aliens who sneak into United States and evade capture at our borders. Illegal immigration penalizes American workers who suffer job loss. Illegal immigration penalizes American society and culture and future generations of Americans.

Father Bascio is author of the book "On the Immorality of Illegal Immigration", available at www.AuthorHouse.com and www.Amazon.com.

From the book jacket:
"Father Bascio leaves no doubt that many Christian leaders have overlooked the injustice of illegal immigration to America's poor in their calculus of charity."
- James Edwards, Ph.D., author of "The Congressional Politics of Immigration Reform".
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