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Barack Obama & Democrats Push to Legalize Illegal Immigrants

Taking the Jobs Away from Americans that they Don’t Have

When is “illegal” not illegal? When it comes to immigrants who come to America illegally. High unemployment and maxed out social services be damned … it is all about a political strategy for Obama. Make those legal who would vote for you.
President Obama and the Democrats look to further push their socialist agenda to legalize millions of illegal immigrants. In a time where more and more Americans find themselves unemployed and a national unemployment number is near 10%, Obama looks to flood the market with more workers and individuals who will exacerbate the social services of the United States. Looks like amnesty, no “Shamnesty” is back on the table.
Obama has not taken care of the banking situation or the troubles with the US economy. Obama has not dealt with North Korea or Iran. All he has managed to do is apol


Added: Oct-13-2009 
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