Largest blog in the Netherlands links to Liveleak

Translated: Well. "The Ackbars are angry" Some then. Most fortunately not all. Only a few fundies on facebook cannot see the humor in the movie where a drunken Dutch farmer imitates an RPG-popping snackbar. The rest can laugh. For fun. But then you never know huh. AIways explosive and increasing risk such jokes. Before you know it in Pakistan and / or Afghanistan embassies are on fire. Especially now that the footage is also on LiveLeak (lol @ comments). So already this disclaimer: Dear hakbars, certainly not all snackbar holders in the Netherlands wearing fluorescent jackets and riding a vintage John Deere Deutz Fendt.(fuck geenstijl, they banned me and they leech a lot from LL, read this GS)

I am already warned through my Facebook account, I say come and get it goat/child rapists.
I have (still) empty sticks in my frontgarden. Eager to give head?