Assyrian Military Commander assassinated by YPG, tells American Mesopotamian Org. (AMO)

Elyas Nasser (wounded) and David Jindo (murdered)

American Mesopotamian Organization exposes murder of Assyrian leader in Syria.
For the past several months, the American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO) has been in daily contact with the leaders of the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians (KACG), a local force established to protect Assyrian villages in the Khabour valley from ISIS. Speaking frequently with Elias Nasser, Fayez Korko and Dawed Antar Gindo, leaders in the KACG, AMO was informed that despite working closely with the Kurdish Yekîneyên Parastina Gel militia (YPG) in joint operations against ISIS, the YPG leadership had threatened the Assyrian Guardians with assassination, notably from chief military leaders of the YPG using the pseudo names of Heval (Comrade)? Sardar and Heval Lawand.
These threats stemmed, in part, from the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians protesting the practice of Kurdish YPG militia members looting Assyrian villages that were evacuated after ISIS had attacked them. The Assyrian leadership had submitted multiple detailed reports of the looting by Kurdish gunmen to YPG leadership, but no action was taken, and the looting of evacuated Assyrian homes continues until this day.

On the morning of Wednesday April 22?nd, 2015 AMO received news from the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians that YPG gunmen ambushed Dawed Antar Gindo and Elias Nasser. Tragically, Dawed was killed in the attack, and Elias was in critical condition in hospital at Qameshli, Syria. Days after he was admitted to hospital, Elias Nasser wrote out the details of the attack (he was wounded in the throat and unable to speak), and his wife read these details to AMO representatives over the phone.
AMO agreed not to release any information about the attack until Elias Nasser and his family had been moved to a safe place, out of reach of the YPG.

From Elias Nasser’s testimony, it appears that the attack and murder occurred as follows:

On April 22nd, 2015, shortly after 23:00 hours, Mr. Elias Nasser and Mr. Dawed Gindo arrived at Mr. Nasser’s home where they were confronted by five individuals from YPG leaders demanding to speak with them. All five used pseudo names, three of which were Kamal, Hamza and Dlovan.

The uninvited YPG guests sat with the two Assyrian leaders and drank tea, informing them that YPG leaders wished to speak with them about the looting, and that their colleague Riadh Gabriel was already at a secret location for a meeting concerning the matter. Trusting in what they were told, Mr. Elias Nasser and Mr. Dawed Gindo agreed to go with the YPG murderers and in route to the “secret location” they were told that they must be blindfolded.

Once they arrived at an unknown location they were tied with ropes and Dawed Antar Gindo was tortured and beaten. The YPG men falsely accused Mr. Elias Nasser and Mr. Dawed Gindo of collaborating with ISIS and the Assad regime. These baseless accusations were a pretext to take control of the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians, starting with the elimination of its leadership.

After the YPG gunmen badly beat Dawed Gindo, they took him and Elias Nasser to an off road spot near the village of Jumayla, adjacent to the Euphrates damn (sometimes called the Assad damn). The murderers first executed, point blank and in cold blood, Dawed Antar Gindo, and then they turned their guns on Elias Nasser. The time was, recalls Elias, around 2:30 am.

Fortunately for Elias Nasser, the fatal shot intended to kill him struck him in the throat, and he fell forward as if dead. Though the YPG gunmen shot and kicked him in the body, Elias Nasser remained motionless and was left for dead by his would­be murderers. Passing in and out of consciousness, Elias Nasser waited until his attackers had left, freed his hands from the cords that bound him and crawled a distance of 500 meters to a main road where he was taken by a passing car to hospital. To add injury to insult, the YPG gunmen also stole a sum of 750,000 Syrian Pounds, 35 AK­47 and few PKC machine guns from Mr. Nasser’s home.

Presently, Elias Nasser is recuperating in a secret location, thankful to be alive but nonetheless mourning the loss of his friend Dawed Antar Gindo.

The Khabour region of Syria is lawless, with areas controlled partially by YPG thugs and the other parts by ISIS barbarians. The Assad regime has no presence in the area and for all practical purposes has conceded control to the YPG. The PYD and the YPG have made it clear that they intend to establish complete Kurdish control of the Khabour region, and are intent on eliminating the leadership of the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians as part of their objective.

The American Mesopotamian Organization and the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians refuse to be silent in the face of PYD’s and YPG’s ongoing campaign of terror, looting, intimidation and murder.

Thanks to the generous support of the global Assyrian community, AMO has, over the past several months, supported the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians’ fight to protect Assyrian people and property in the Khabour river valley. AMO is committed to continuous support of the Khabour Assyrian Council of Guardians and knows that it can count on the wider Assyrian community to support it in its mission.

For more information about the attack and murder of Mr.Elias Nasser and Mr. Dawed Antar Gindo, please contact the American Mesopotamian Organization at

The People’s Protection Units (YPG) is the armed wing of the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) which is in turn controlled by the PKK an armed Kurdish resistance group, headed by Abdullah Ocelan who is currently serving a life sentence in a Turkish Prison. PKK is designated as a terrorist organization by the US government.

The American Mesopotamian Organization is a Grassroots / Political Action Committee founded to influence and guide U.S. policy on matters of interest to the Assyrian American community and to help elect candidates, regardless of their political party affiliation to all levels of government (local, state and Federal) that will support the Assyrian nation in its struggle to attain its cultural and political rights on its ancestral lands.

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