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Is Ukraine for real?

Here is the message from Ukrainian and Russian citizens to people across the world.
The more we look at the news, spread by international news channels, the more proof we get that the information, provided about tragic events of May 2nd in Odessa, Ukraine, is exremely incomplete.
It's very important for us to share more details about the incidents in Ukraine. Why? Because the whole world turned a blind eye, as real fascism was grown and nurtured in the center of Europe.
On May 2, the city of Odessa became the place of aggressive confrontation between two antagonistic groups. Ukrainian nationalists jointly with football fans "ultras", who supported the provisional government in Kiev ("nationalists", for short) on one side; and federalization supporters, defenders of rights of the Russian-speaking population majority, who are against the existing government due to it

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By: Aisha_Q
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