Ukraine's Foreign Legion: Americans and Georgians officially serving in Donbas
Three Americans among the first foreigners to legally be part of Ukrainian military

The so-called ‘Georgian legion' is made up a number of veterans from the former Soviet republic who are now fighting alongside Ukrainian troops. They all have higher education, one even took his degree in France.

For three Americans now also fighting Russian-backed separatist forces – it was an easy decision to join them.

With the Georgians, it's always lively. No matter how much they come under fire – they always sing.

Fueled by their losses and their hopes the Georgian volunteer fighters have been taking part in the Russian war against pro-Russian separatists. They've got too much behind them, in particular, their military experience which is precisely on demand here in the frontline. But the door is open not only for Georgians. Several US veterans have joined their armed group. The fact which makes it the very first international unit within Ukrainian ranks.

The Americans are among the first foreigners to become official members of the Ukrainian military. And it seems they soon won't be alone, with their unit perhaps being re-named from 'The Georgian Legion' to ‘The Foreign Legion'.

Evgeniy Lavrov, Ukrainian military commander: "There are people who want to come to us from Brazil, Canada, and Australia. They're all servicemen who have combat experience and consider it their duty to help Ukraine defend it's independence."

The wages these men are paid are minimal – especially compared to what they could get in America or even Georgia. But they have found here something more important than money.

Fighter: "I believe in the Ukrainian soul and in the strength of the Ukrainian people. Ukraine will stand for all time."

These men have come from all corners of the world - united by their shared goal...


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