Can't afford home, man lives in closet

Man turns closet into living space
Reported by: WPTV staff

DELRAY BEACH, FL--Almost everybody has heard the phrase, "Home Sweet Home", but what about "Closet Sweet Closet"?

That's right, Sergio Santos' home is a closet. Five and a half feet wide, by 14 feet long, or 77 square feet, to be exact.

"I was really struggling to pay for the place I used to live. I decided to look for something cheap." said Sergio.

The rent is $150 a month and to furnish his pad, a whopping $64.

"I have just become very well-fitted here," he said.

The "room" is equipped with a small microwave oven and a mini-refrigerator. He shares a community bathroom with other renters on the same property. The closet is part of a living space above a restaurant.

All the work has been done with recycled materials and, upstairs, the loft bedroom.

There was a time when Sergio even questioned himself.

"And I really feel that, Ok, I am not going to survive for too long here. I really thought I was going to give up," he said.

He did not give up, and instead found solace in his humble surroundings.

"That's my apartment. I say 'Yes, that's my New York loft'," said Sergio.

So although small in size, Sergio is thinking of the larger picture.

"That's is all about saving; it's about recycling; it's about optimizing my time."

Sergio is happy, living with just what he needs, making one man's closet, another man's castle.
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