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The Lesser Mouse Deer 

The Lesser Mouse-Deer, also commonly referred to as the Kanchil, is the smallest hoofed mammal in the world, weighing in at just under 4.5 pounds, and standing 12 inches at the shoulders. Found throughout tropical forests in southeast Asia, the Lesser Mouse Deer is a shy and elusive animal, and little is known of its behavior.

The Lesser Mouse Deer is a ruminant, meaning that they have multiple stomachs and regurgitate their food, chew it, and then swallow it again as part of the digestive process. Other ruminants include cattle and the Whitetail Deer with which most of us are familiar. However, unlike most ruminants, which have four stomachs, the Lesser Mouse Deer only has three stomachs. This primitive trait, among others, has led scientists to believe that the Lesser Mouse Deer and their cousins are an evolutionary link between ruminants and non-ruminan

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