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82nd LRSD - OEF VIII Pt 1 of 2

82nd Long Range Surveillance Detachment, Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) Part I of II. The 82 LRSD Deployed to Afghanistan in January '07 and conducted their bread & butter special recon and surveillance missions until July '07. During the month of July, the 82 LRSD had a serious change of mission- and went full spectrum. Equipped with new Up-Armored Humvee's and crew-served weapons, 82 LRSD plunged headfirst into the Tag Ab Valley that was at the time a Taliban safe haven. During the month of August, LRSD conducted a thorough sweep of Tag Ab Valley to corner the Taliban and force them out, prompting some of the fiercest battles recently seen in Afghanistan. Part I ends in early September '07 of the 82nd LRSD's 15 month deployment into Afghanistan.

Added: Sep-14-2008 
By: bravo61
Afghanistan, Middle East
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