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Anti-Quran Film Gives Dutch-Muslims Cause For Concern.

A Dutch Muslim group has appealed for calm at home and abroad in reaction to an anti-Quran film produced by a Dutch right wing politician. Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party, which holds nine seats in the 150 seat parliament says his 10-minute short portrays the Quran as a "fascist book" that incites violence and intolerance of women and homosexuals.

Wilders is yet to find a broadcaster willing to air the film. But he said if he cannot find one, he will post it on the internet. In the past Wilders has said half of the Quran should be torn up and compared it to Hitler's "Mein Kampf."

Even though the film may never see the light of day, the government has put cities on alert for a possible backlash and warned its embassies of a potential reaction similar to the one that erupted across the Muslim world over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad printed in a Danish newspaper in 2

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