Cheetah bites/attacks guide @ Tenikwa

18-5-2017. Tenikwa awareness centre, Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

We were on a guided tour at this awareness centre when the guide entered a residence to feed two cheetah's separately. He stayed in of of the residences and when the male cheetah finished his meat, he walked around the fence and out of nowhere attacked / bites the guide. The guide (Cloude) reacted very calm and looked he had the situation under control. We asked he need any assistence as he was the only guide with us. He told us we didn't need to get anyone.

After maybe 10/15 seconds he released the cheetah but the cheetah attacked / bit him again. One of the guys in our group of 6 then screamed HELP HELP and within a minute a lot of colleagues were there to help him. One of them entered the residence and this is when the movie starts.


By: sifaka86 (31.50)

Tags: attack, bites, cheetah, tenikwa, South africa, wild animal

Location: Plettenberg Bay, South Africa