Cyclist catches 'hit-and-run' driver on camera

UPDATE to a previously posted video on LL :

A driver who side-swiped a cyclist with his trailer may face charges after the rider went to police with video of the incident.

The cyclist was riding through a construction zone on Cotter Road, Weston, on Tuesday morning when a driver sped up and veered across his path to make a last-minute left-hand turn.

Video of the incident, filmed by a fellow rider with a helmet-mounted camera, shows the fluro-clad cyclist riding in a bicycle lane before the silver Commodore cuts him off and clips his front wheel.

Remarkably, the shaken rider manages to stay on two wheels and can be heard asking, "Did you get that on video?"

The unidentified motorist, who appears to be towing a Jim's Mowing trailer, did not stop after the collision.

ACT Police confirmed to ninemsn they have made contact with the motorist and are considering whether to press charges.

The YouTube clip, which has been viewed 42,616 times since being posted
on Tuesday, has provoked heated debate over who was in the right.