Coptic Priest Stabbed to Death by 'Allah Akbar' Killers...

As was the case with the demonstration by Copts to demand a secular Egyptian government the other day, coverage of this story in the Western media has been minimal, despite thousands of Copts' protesting in the aftermath of this murder.

"Coptic Christian priest killed in Egypt, setting off new protests by religious minority," from the Associated Press, February 23:

ASSIUT, Egypt - A Coptic Christian priest has been killed in southern Egypt, triggering street demonstrations by several thousand Christians.
Other reports indicate that the priest's safe was opened and property stolen, with police seemingly eager to settle for robbery as a motive. But one other article also notes that neighbors heard the assailants "chanting Islamic slogans."

The priest was found dead in his home. A fellow clergyman, Danoub Thabet, says his body had several stab wounds. He says neighbours reported seeing several masked men leaving the apartment and shouting "Allahu akbar," or "God is great," suggesting the killing was motivated by the divide between Egypt's Muslims and its minority Coptic community.
No, really? Of course, we get no hint of what's behind that "divide." Murdering priests certainly also tends to be "divisive."

About 3,000 protesters scuffled with Muslim shop owners Tuesday night and smashed the windows of a police car in the city, Assiut.