Israeli blogger believes that Kolomojszkij had the reason to shoot down MH17

Valeri Straks, israeli blogger, thinks Kolomojszkij,"ukrainian" billionaire,

was behind the MH17 tragedy, he had the reason and the capability, most of the army and airspace control(!!!) is in his hands. Russia and Ukraine had no reason to shoot down the plane.

"Inside Ukraine, a political and finance war is going on, between Poroshenko, Firtas and Ahmetov on one side and Batykivsina party, Julia Timoshenko on the other. For them Proshenko is a bone in the throat. Because Poroshenko is supported by the US he must be set as a political terrorist, this may lead to the dismissal of Poroshenko. Queen Julia's wealth is capable of doing such a thing"

Poroshenko is a CIA agent since 10 years

Julia TImoshenko wants to burn 4 million russians

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