Lebanese terrorist Ahmed al-Assir calling for LAF defections & violence all over Lebanon

23.6.2013 Saida, Lebanon

Known terrorist al-Assir is seen in this video giving a "on the ground" interview supposedly under fire from Hezbollah mortars (yet the only thing we can hear is his buddies shooting some ak-47).

Not only does he call for an armed uprising against the Lebanese government, who have for a loooong time let Lebanese people die while letting this nutjob go around inciting violence and sectarianism.

These are the known victims of todays terrorist attack. Rest in Peace, victims of armed barbarians hellbent on destroying the country

He also calls the Lebanese Armed Forces for "Iranian army" and that all "decent" people should defect from it.

Lebanese version of "Syrian uprising"; soon there will be profiles with some children with paint and "free Lebanon" and other stupid shit Wahhabis use to lure dumbass people in the West.

From Now! Lebanon (a very pro-fsa/terrorist outlet)
“I call on all our supporters in Lebanese regions to come defend our religion, our pride, our women,” Assir said in a YouTube video published on Sunday.

The Salafi cleric stated: “We are being attacked by the Lebanese army, which is an Iranian army, and we are also being attacked by [Hezbollah leader] Hassan Nasrallah and [Amal Movement leader] Nabih Berri’s supporters.”

“We are being shelled from the Shiite area of Mar Elias. We are being shelled by all kinds of bombs, missiles and rocket launchers,” he added.

He continued: “I demand all our supporters to come down and close roads, and I call on all honorable members of the army, Sunnis and non-Sunnis, to leave the army immediately.”

Assir also called on all his expatriate supporters “to head to the Lebanese embassy in their country and stage protests.”

Clashes erupted early Sunday afternoon in southern Lebanon's Sidon after supporters of Sunni Sheikh Ahmad al-Assir attacked the Lebanese army following the LAF’s arrest of Assir’s bodyguard Fadi Beirouti and his brother-in-law.

Last week, deadly clashes erupted in Sidon between supporters of Sunni cleric Ahmad al-Assir and alleged Hezbollah loyalists, after an attack on a vehicle belonging to Assir’s brother.

The firebrand Sunni cleric rose to prominence for his outspoken opposition to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his calls for disarming Hezbollah.