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"TALKIN' MUNKA"- A Crackhead Will Do Anything For A Buck

Taking advantage of this guy was just plain mean. And to post it online for the World to see is even meaner. I mean whoever posted it on line the first time. I mean it's already been online so it's not as if I'm doing anything wrong. I mean a lot of people have already seen it so I'm just like sorta like not really doing something I need to like, well like, like feel bad about. I mean I'm a good person and would never purposefully do something to hurt a persons feelings and I seriously doubt if anyone is going to read this far down in the description so at this point I can pretty much say whatever I feel like for example sometimes I steal underwear from Walmart and return it to Sears but I do it naked and only wearing a fig leave but like I said I would never do anything to embarrass a munka or any other living creature and thanks for reading this far. I hope you watched the video too so

Added: Jun-14-2011 
By: Thickhanger
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