Here’s What Happens When a White Couple Enters a Muslim No-Go Zone (video)

February 18, 2015 4:19 pm

Disturbing video of a white couple being brutally attacked by a group of angry Muslim men has surfaced, proving the existence of Muslim no-go zones in the Western world.

A woman was driving her children to the dentist when she captured the horrifying incident on video.

The footage shows a gang of Muslim thugs harassing and beating a white man and woman in front of the All Seasons Dry Cleaners & Laundry on Caldmore Road in Walsall, England. The man attempts to protect and defend his female partner as the Islamists pound and stomp the both of them.

The attack happened on January 2, according to, but has only recently gained international attention.

Bystanders can be seen, fearful to act in defense of the injured couple. Perhaps they are afraid of the retaliation that comes from the “religion of peace,” or maybe they have just learned that the law doesn’t apply to their Muslim counterparts in areas where Muslims dominate.

It is unclear if the couple sustained serious injuries or if the Muslim villains were caught or reprimanded in any way.

Britain is experiencing a swift increase of Islamic justice in cities with larger populations of Muslim immigrants. In December 2013, three men were arrested for enforcing Sharia law in Whitechapel, according to

Still, there are other communities in which police do not enter simply because they are not needed to enforce law, as now Sharia law reigns supreme, of The Times reports.