Major County Sheriff’s Office Deputy [child pornography charges]

July 7, 2011


FAIRVIEW — A Major County sheriff’s deputy facing charges for allegedly violating a protective order and possessing child pornography is free on $55,000 bond.

Daris Cope, 46, was arrested Wednesday on complaints of stalking, computer crimes and possession of child pornography. He is suspended from the Major County Sheriff’s Office without pay.

The arrest arose after an ex-girlfriend complained Cope was violating the conditions of a protective order issued against him June 23.

The woman had complained to officials Cope had posted comments about her on his Facebook page

Assistant District Attorney Danny Lohmann said a judge granted the woman a protective order and told Cope not to violate it by posting derogatory comments about her on his Facebook page, but Cope allegedly did just that.

Lohmann said Cope wrote he had sexually explicit photos of the woman on his computer and continued to call and harass the woman.

The woman notified police and a district attorney’s office investigator obtained a search warrant for Cope’s computer for the photos. During a search for those photos investigators found child pornography.

Sheriff Steve Randolph said Cope was placed on suspension with pay the day after the protective order was issued June 24. Cope has been a deputy with Major County since 2006. He took a year off during 2009 and 2010 to serve in Afghanistan with his National Guard unit. He returned to the U.S. in December 2010 and to the sheriff’s office in February 2011.

Dave Altman with Fairview E-News and the Associated Press contributed to this story.