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Andrew Breitbart offers Reward: $100,000 for Full ‘JournoList’ Archive; Source Fully Protected

Hey Andrew, liberals love other peoples money more than anything, I'm thinking you'll get your Journolist...............

Jun 29th 2010

I’ve had $100,000 burning in my pocket for the last three months and I’d really like to spend it on a worthy cause. So how about this: in the interests of journalistic transparency, and to offer the American public a unique insight in the workings of the Democrat-Media Complex, I’m offering $100,000 for the full “JournoList” archive, source fully protected. Now there’s an offer somebody can’t refuse.

Yes, the mainstream media that came together to play up the false allegations that the “N-Word” was hurled 15 times by Tea Party participants at the Congressional Black Caucus outside the Capitol the day before the “Obamacare” vote, is the same MSM that colluded to make sure the American public accepted the smear, and refused to


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By: tank2
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