A majority of British people support the return of the death penalty

More than half of Britons want return of the death penalty shock poll reveals after launch of e-petitions site
A majority of British people support the return of the death penalty, a Mail on Sunday poll has found.As MPs prepare for a likely Commons debate on capital punishment later this year, the first since 1998, the survey shows that 53 per cent of voters back its reintroduction. Just 34 per cent are opposed to the move. The last hangings in Britain were in 1964, but the issue has risen up the political agenda again as a result of the e-petitions scheme, an initiative that allows the public to help set the Government agenda and means anyone can set up an internet petition on any subject.
f it attracts more than 100,000 signatures, MPs must consider debating it in the Commons, and the return of the death penalty heads the list of demands, with more than 40 of the first 200 petitions calling for it. The Survation poll reveals a striking gender divide over the issue: while 63 per cent of men back the move, just 44 per cent of women are in favour.And preferences for the manner of execution have clearly changed in the half-century since the last judicially sanctioned deaths.When asked which method they preferred – regardless of their views on the ethics of the issue – an overwhelming 66 per cent opted for lethal injection, which is widely assumed to be the most humane technique. Only 12 per cent still think that hanging should be used.

.Shocking: Two-thirds of those asked thought that the lethal injection would be the best method of execution, while half thought that the number of murders would go down if the death penalty were re-introduced

.Divide: More than half of those polled believed that the death penalty should be reintroduced, however the majority of those in favour were men Nearly half, 48 per cent, of those asked believe that murders and other serious offences would go down if it were reintroduced, while 32 per cent think the level would stay the same. Mass murder, child murder, terrorism and war crimes are the main offences deemed deserving of the ‘ultimate sanction’.The poll also reveals other clear trends: the death penalty is more popular among older people than the young; and is least popular in the south of the UK. Only 41 per cent of Lib Dem voters are in favour, compared with 45 per cent of Labour backers, 67 per cent of Conservatives and 72 per cent of UKIP supporters.
But an overwhelming majority of all voters, 82 per cent, believe that the current justice system is too lenient.Although MPs are unlikely to vote through the restoration of the penalty – in 1998 it was rejected by 158 votes – Commons leader Sir George Young said last week that Westminster could not afford to ignore the issue. Priti Patel, the Tory MP for Witham in Essex, is leading calls from within the Commons for a debate.
Opposed: Prime Minister David Cameron believes that there have been too many miscarriages of justice and that the death penalty is an inappropriate sanction to be levelled by a 'civilised society'Prime Minister David Cameron is opposed to the move on the grounds that there have been too many miscarriages of justice, and it is an inappropriate sanction to be levelled by a 'civilised society'.Damian Lyons Lowe, from Survation, said: ‘These results clearly show that while it is an emotive and divisive issue with differences along gender and party lines, the public clearly remains in favour of capital punishment for serious crime.’ Last night Tory MP Brian Binley said that the Commons should bow to public pressure and debate the issue. ‘I have no doubt that this should be given an airing. The British people are sick and tired of politicians who do not think it is their job to respond to the public’s concerns.’It is not known how many MPs are in favour of the measure, but Mr Binley said he personally supported the restoration of the death penalty for the murder of a policeman in pursuit of a crime, and for terrorists. * Survation interviewed.
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