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Doctor Gets In Trouble by NY Authorities for Charging Flat Fee to Patients

Today, Glenn Beck had Dr. John Muney on to talk about his fight with NY State's insurance regulatory authority. He is currently negotiating with them to maintain the system he arranged with patients who pay $79 a month for unlimited office visits. The state doesn't like that. Why? Apparently the state law says he can give them a flat-rate fee, but only for preventive-treatment office visits. If the patient is actually sick, Dr. Muney is required BY LAW to charge $33 extra for that visit.

What? Do you understand this? The law allegedly says he has to include the cost of his overhead to treat someone who is already sick, so that's where the extra money comes in.

Please, can someone explain this to me? Have we lost our collective minds? Folks, this is what's going to happen if Obambi gets his way with socialized medicine. Doctors will be told who they can treat, how they can treat t

Added: Mar-12-2009 
By: MsUnderestimated
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