DNR terrorists will shell their own schools!

Tuesday, September 1, we should expect provocations in Donbass near the demarcation line. This was stated by the representative of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Andrei Lysenko, reports pressorg24.com.

According to him, the intelligence warned about this and also witnesses who saw the militants measure the Ukrainian uniform and draw on their tanks the symbols of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF).

Therefore it is possible the militants will even shell schools and civilians.

"We reinforced the work of our intelligence, which produces information about such cases of provocation. The activity of Russian journalists who arrived in the occupied Donbass zone is another sign. We all know that if they come, the militants are preparing provocations. Most likely they will make pictures", - noted Andrei Lysenko.

As reported by UNN, in August 30, the "hot spot" areas in the ATO zone were quiet during the past day.

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Comment: This statement of the Ukrainian government should be seen as an announcement of the long expected offensive. The offensive will probably start during the day with deliberate shelling of schools in the Novorossian Donetsk area and then be continued with a full blown attack at all fronts during the night, which will be justified with another "Russian invasion". I wish the Novorossian Armed Forces good luck and hope this nightmare will finally end after the devastating defeat of the Ukrainian Army!