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Being Called A Racist to Show Identification

Who are You? Who Who, Who Who....I Really Want to Know!

As usual, the liberals and Democrats are crying racism. This time they are saying that asking for proof of identification at the polls is somehow racist. Yet again, liberals fail to address the actual issue of voter fraud and how to combat it, and ultimately they play the race card.

Voting is not just our constitutional right, but it is a duty that most of us cherish because so many
have died to gain and preserve this liberty for all Americans. As a disabled veteran myself, I feel that I didn’t just receive this gift as a birthright, but I actually earned my right to vote through service
to my nation. An illegally cast vote is a crime and a threat to our entire way of life.

Here are a few things you need a photo ID for:


  • cashing a check or money order,
  • boarding a plane, bus or ship
  • buying alcohol or cigarettes,
  • getting a marriage license or driver’s license,
  • [*]picking u


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    By: i8shoe
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