Dog, man's best friend. Offer not valid in Bulgaria.

The "dog spinning" ritual practiced in a southeastern Bulgarian village is misinterpreted by society and the international community, according to Tsarevo Municipality Mayor Petko Arnaudov.

In dog spinning, which is practiced in Brodilovo, a southeastern Bulgarian village, at the beginning of March, a dog is suspended above water on a rope.

The dog is turned repeatedly in a given direction to wind the rope, then released so that it spins rapidly in the opposite direction as the rope unwinds, until the dog falls into the water. The locals claim that the dog is not supposed to be physically hurt.

This ancient ritual of pagan origin is performed in order to prevent rabies and is a part of the traditional Kukeri rituals.

After it was banned by Mayor Arnaudov in February 2006, on Saturday, March 6, the ritual was performed again by Brodilovo.