African "refugee" in Germany attacking eldery woman - life threatening

please save this video & tell all people about ! german mainstream media not tell about his nationality ! In a murder attack on a 73-year-old retiree by a "passers-by" the lady on Wednesday was so badly injured that she is currently in mortal danger. The elderly woman was on her way home in "Schlachthof-Nähe" in the Michael-Ende-Straße, when she was brutally beaten up by a "man" - only dressed in underpants. As she lay on the ground, the "passer-by" repeatedly hit her head causing the most severe bleeding and debris fractures in the elderly woman. Several passing witnesses bravely intervened, arresting the "confused man" until the arrival of large-scale police raids. Why he attacked the woman is "currently questionable." Police spokesman Bert Rauenbusch: "He continues to express his opinion on his motive." The homicide investigation
investigated for attempted manslaughter. The 23-year-old "Nürnberger" was initially housed in a psychiatric hospital - which already suggests that an adequate prosecution of the
Merkel monster is unlikely.

Killer Camerooner - no ethnic reference in the welcome media

Absolutely amazing is the courage of the mainstream media, despite more
and more police reports and more than 20 Nuremberg witnesses to
completely conceal the origin of the offender. Except for "reporter 24"
and Bild Nuremberg all established media such as FOCUS, SZ, Merkur,
Nürnberger Nachrichten or Frankenpost conceal in their updates so far
the origin of the guest of honor of the German taxpayer: The "mentally
confused individual offender" is 24 years and a "student "From Cameroon,
dear lying press (translated with google)


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Location: Nuremberg, Germany