RAW: Disturbance during swedish anti-Israel protest

This was filmed less than 20 minutes ago. Raw video showing the minor disturbance during the protests in Malmö Sweden against the Davis Cup tennis match between Sweden and Israel.

10 000 swedes demonstrated against Israel, and over 1000 police was stationed to make sure the match could be held. It was held without any audience due to fears of disturbance. The entire area is under heavy lockdown with barbwire, walls of containers, fence and walls of riot-buses.

The demonstration went peaceful except for a 100 or less autonomous militant antifascists that tried to enter the compound but could not make it past the riot buses.

The people seen in the neon vests are the arrangers of the demonstration that are trying to get the militant demonstrators to go back to the designated area and stop attacking the police.

After a brief confrontation they succeeded in gaining control of the situation