Toxic Vapors From Gulf Oil Spill Reaching Dangerous Levels

The EPA has been monitoring levels of Benzene, Hydrogen Sulfide and other VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) around the Gulf Coast and is finding that the gasses are reaching levels that are known to cause illness. Both BP and the Federal Government are well aware of these gasses and their health effects but all I have heard BP say about the growing number of people becoming ill is that they, "probably have food poisoning."

The high levels were found on days where the monitoring stations were downwind of the oil slick, other times the amount of vapor went back down to normal concentrations.

Respirators using activated charcoal would be a wise investment if you live around the gulf coast or in Florida. They are mainly used for painting and should say they block out organic vapors.

The EPA is posting their finding on their website at:

- video encodings still in process -

- video encodings still in process -

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