Iraq Insurgents Kidnap, Threaten Mother and Son

DUBAI (Reuters) - A little-known Iraqi Islamist militant group said on Saturday it would kill two hostages, a German woman and her son, in 10 days unless Berlin withdraws its 3,000 troops from Afghanistan.

The Arrows of Righteousness group posted a video on a Web site used by militant groups, including al Qaeda, showing a weeping Hannelore Marianne Krause, 61, urging Germany to heed the militants' demands.

"We give the German government 10 days from the date of this statement to announce and start the withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan, otherwise ... they will not even see the bodies of these two agents," said a masked man, reading a statement on the video.

He did not give the date of the statement. The footage, posted on Saturday, showed Krause's passport.

German newspapers have said the woman, married to an Iraqi physician, and her son are either Germans living in Iraq permanently or Iraqis with German nationality.