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Company Gets $2.8 Billion in Tax Money...CEO Get $800,000.

I know $800,000.00 is chump change in today's Trillion dollar world, But with Obama firing the CEO of GM, now traded on Wall Street as "Government Motors" (not really), It is interesting to see an example of how a company can continually lose money, recieve tax money to keep them afloat, and to "fix" things, simply reduce services, raise prices, and hire people profitable companies won't! Let's top that off, and pay the head Honcho over 3/4's of a MILLION BUCKS! Hey, where do you think GM is headed with the encouraging news that the government will now back the warranty work! Think of the time saving stamps, and get that pesky transmission replaced while you are waiting in that long line! Now if we can only get DMV to be so efficient...maybe they can merge with the local mortgage company! ! ! !

This is an old story I posted, but seems fitting today.

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By: menderman
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