Mullah World Order - Islam as understood by Non-Ahmadiyya Extremist Mullah

Mullah World Order - Islam as understood by Non-Ahmadiyya the Extremist Mullahs. Watch amazing socio-political system for the entire world as presented by one of the most famous and moderate considered Muslim Scholar, Dr. Israr Ahmad. According to these key features, in an Ideal Islamic State:
a) Non Muslims will be "Second Grade Citizens" . They will not be allowed to preach & propagate their religion.
b) Despite abilities, Non-Muslims can never attain high ranks in military or civil domains.
c) As far as international relations are concerned, the ideal Islamic state will offer following three options to the Non-Muslim countries:
i) Either to accept Islam & remain an independent state.
ii) Or to surrender & accept to live as "Second Grade Citizens" under an Islamic State.
iii) If neither i or ii is acceptable then be ready for bloody war (Jihad) !!!
Can these Mullahs welcome similar approach from America or any other super Power?


By: sarmadahmad (29.66)

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