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Corrupt cops have been fired and face criminal charges

The officers that stopped Bill Dwyer on Federal highway 57, Carlos Elizondo Samaniego, Tomas Rodriguez Gallegos, Israel Cruz Garcia, their shift supervisor Ivan Barrios and commander Mario Reyna have been fired from the force.

It it commonly know to the people that frequent this stretch of highway 57 that there is an 8 km section that is under municipal jurisdiction (from km 187 to 195) which is a reduced speed zone that goes from 60 to 40 and then to 30 km/h (this last one is a school zone).
This is used as a speed trap by the municipal police that camp out on that section of road to surprise motorists. They are always stopping people for speeding and would usually take anywhere from 500 to 1000 pesos (40-85 dollars) from people, the fine has a cost of 540 pesos if paid at the administrative office. Complaints have been frequent on this road and the officers usually reported any

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