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2007: It Was Obama’s Vote That Killed Immigration Reform

2007: It Was Obama’s Vote That Killed Immigration Reform…Added Amendment Into 2007’s Bill That Allowed Illegals To Keep Their Jobs (After Being Labeled ‘Not Employable’) Until All Appeals Were Over

Once again I ask: Where the hell is the media?

Bob Novak (JUNE 14, 2007) WASHINGTON — Democrat Byron Dorgan, who seldom has tasted legislative success during 15 years in the Senate, scored a dubious victory last week. He was able to insert a poison pill in the immigration reform bill that aimed at emasculating the essential guest worker program. The 49 to 48 vote that passed Dorgan’s amendment included surprising support from two prominent first-term senators: Jim DeMint, a conservative Republican from South Carolina, and Barack Obama, a Democratic presidential candidate from Illinois.

Dorgan pushed his killer amendment by voicing the Great Plains populism of his


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