Christians + YPG Spank ISIS: Daesholes Kidnap 56

Christian militia takes the war to Islamic State in Syria

Kurdish fighters in the Syrian town of Hassakeh have been involved in fierce
fighting with Isil jihadists including lots of dirty Chechens.

Re. the ISIL Abductions:

Primary news sources for Christians in Syria and Iraq ( include, but are not limited to:

Syrian Christian Fighters:


Nattoreh, evidently in Tel Tamar/Tal Tamr and vicinity - which is seeing action.

Northern Iraq Christian Fighters:

Dwekh Nawsha,


You may have seen this recently:

What you may not know is that that group was suspected to be Sootoro, not to be confused with Sutoro. al Wusta Quarter of the City al Qamishli in the cities Kahtaniya (Qabre Hewore, Derik, Qamishli, Hassaka City
and on the Khabour, they also fight against IS in Ras al Ayn, tel Hamis
and Tel Maruf.