David Suzuki's Foundation Apparently Doesn't Like It When Another Front Group Takes A Page From His Book

The David Suzuki Foundation's charitable status needs to be reviewed, the group EthicalOil.org says.

The group wrote to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on Tuesday, saying
there's been "mounting evidence of political and partisan activity."
Registered charities are prohibited from engaging in partisan activity.

"The David Suzuki Foundation is a highly political organization. With
the mounting evidence of partisan and political activity, it is time
for the Canada Revenue Agency to investigate," EthicalOil.org spokesman
Jordan Graham said in the release.
In a 44-page letter e-mailed to the CRA, the oil lobby group details
political and partisan activity it says the David Suzuki Foundation took
part in. It says that includes Suzuki endorsing Ontario Premier Dalton
McGuinty's record and appearing in a Liberal advertisement, persistent
calls to political action, frequent condemnation of government policy,
and trying to sway the senate to abandon their inquiry on foreign
funding of charities.
"With 12 registered lobbyists, the David Suzuki Foundation has more
lobbyists on staff than most government relations firms," the release
from EthicalOil.org said.
David Suzuki Foundation's director of communications James Boothroyd said the move by EthicalOil.org is not a surprise.

"We are proud of the work we do at the David Suzuki Foundation,
especially given the overwhelming support we receive from people all
across Canada. We also take great care to ensure that we operate within
the guidelines of the Canada Revenue Agency and that we are transparent
in our financial records," Boothroyd said in a written statement sent to
QMI Agency. "It is not surprising that Ethical Oil, a front group for
the tarsands industry, would like to see the David Suzuki Foundation
lose its charitable status. We see this as part of a sustained campaign
to silence Canada's environmental voices."