Three vehicles sent flying across UK road in horrific overtaking crash

This is the heart-stopping moment two cars and a van are sent flying across the road at a notorious accident black spot in South Wales.

Mike Ashcroft captured the footage on his dash cam when he was driving on the A470 in Brecon on November 24.

The video shows a van and two cars driving along a motorway when suddenly a car comes into view and begins to overtake at high speed.

The overtaking car collides with one of the cars as it too tries to overtake the van - and all three vehicles are wiped off the road.

One of the cars can be seen flying across the road as it flips and lands on its roof while another goes up a bank. The van plunges down an embankment on the other side of the road, its progress only halted by a tree.

According to reports, everyone involved in the accident got away without serious injury.

Writes Ashcroft: ''We freed two young women from the white, overturned car who were shocked but fine.

''The man driving the large white van, which careered off the road, didn’t know what hit him until he climbed back up to the road to see the carnage left behind.

''He was lucky as he started to crash down the mountainside - it was the only time he was happy to crash into a tree, which was what stopped him plummeting any further down the mountain.

''The overtaking car driver learned his lesson not to overtake multiple vehicles at once.''


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