Nicolas Sarkozy insulted when he arrived at the Meeting

"Poor fool, poor fool, we'll make death at the polls." The president-candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has been heckled a Wednesday arrival on the island of RĂ©union,according to several eyewitness reports. "A young man insulted the president, pressing his hand," confirmed the director of office of the Prefect of Reunion,Benoit Huber. "He was arrested by the bodyguards of Mr Sarkozy and given toborder police," he said.

The head of state was about to get in the car when he tried to shake the hands of the militants came to greet UMP. As he approached the barriers it has been called a "poor bastard" by a man of 23 years. Nicolas Sarkozy did not respondand continued his walkabout, by continuing to introduce the "thank you, thank you"and seizing the hand that out to him.

Shortly before, the young man had been attacked by a UMP activist who had struck him with his bag when he was just cursing the first time Nicolas Sarkozywith the same words, according to several witnesses. According to Benoit Huber, it is now the prosecutor to decide what action if any of the incident.