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Norwegian test pilot: "Without afterburner, F-35 in combat load flies faster, higher, longer than F-16"

Modern air combat; Top Gun or something else entirely?

Published: Morten Hanche, 20 April 2015, Norway Defense Ministry, Fighter blogs


"Pierre Spey and other critics have pointed out that the F-35 is not as fast or maneuverable as modern fighter. In a previous section I argued that the performance of the F-16 at air display is theoretical and not available in a war situation. Combat aircraft like the F-16 carries the load out. This reduces the practical range, speed, maneuverability and maximum altitude. (This also applies to your opponent's aircraft, which carries the load out).With the F-35, we get more of all this, compared to what we are used to today. To discover how much more was a positive surprise for me.

In full war equipment operates F-35 effortlessly 10,000 to 15,000 feet higher than our F-16 can, without using afterburner. T


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