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True Freedom should never be traded for mere contentment

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This is my latest video, its address's the issue of how the people of America have been subdued into a state of contentment and indifference by distractions, diversions, confusions, and pre-occupations. These distractions range from the government controlled, propaganda spewing mainstream media to the trivial and the mundanethings that America has become obsessed with, we have forgotten about the important things going on in this country. We, the people who are already awake, must wake up the people from their propaganda induced stupor so that they too may do their part in the fight for Freedom and Liberty. Protest, pickett, speak out. We must stand just as our Continental and Confederate founding fathers stood for Freedom, Liberty and the right to govern ourselves. It is our duty to stand and protect the people from tyranny. Long L

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Tags: Distraction, confusion, pre-occupation, diversion, government, propaganda, induced, stupor, corrupt, secret, big brother, Freedom, Liberty, Honor, justice, Confederacy, Rebel, South, The Confederate States of America, the Rebellion, resistance
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