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Pentagon approves $1.29bn deal to sell smart bombs to Saudi Arabia 

The Pentagon has given the all-clear for the sale of thousands of smart bombs to Saudi Arabia.
The US Defense Department reportedly notified lawmakers on Friday that the sales worth 1.29 billion dollars had been approved. The legislators now have 30 days to block the sale, although such action is rare since deals are carefully vetted before any formal notification. The proposed sale includes thousands of Paveway II, BLU-117 and other smart bombs. The deal also provides for thousands of Joint Direct Attack Munitions kits to turn older bombs into precision-guided weapons using GPS signals. The sales reflect President Barack Obama's pledge to bolster US military support for Saudi Arabia and other US allies in the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council after the P5+1 countries clinched an agreement with Iran over the country’s nuclear program back in July.

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Added: Nov-17-2015 
By: PressTV
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