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Countering Terrorism With Mockery

Watching a jihadist video that surfaced on Wednesday, which was apparently recorded by Faisal Shahzad before his attempt to bomb Times Square in May failed, it is impossible not to notice that several small flaws undermine the tape, which was presumably intended to impress and terrify viewers.

To start with, the speaker stumbles through his message, flubbing several of his lines and rambling into a dead end of incoherence at one point, forcing the tape’s editor to rescue him with a sudden cut to a later take. Barely 25 seconds in to the screed, which was clearly filmed outdoors — perhaps at the end of Mr. Shahzad’s five-week crash course in guerrilla tactics with the Pakistani Taliban in January — a gust of wind turns the pages of a Koran in his hand, and he appears confused when he looks down to read from it. Another emergency edit ensues. Just a minute later the same thing h

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