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Tel Aviv march for the African refugees

Some 1,300 people rally in Tel Aviv against plan to set up detention facility for infiltrators near Israel-Egypt border.
'Netanyahu, don't be a racist,' they chant.
Schoolchildren join march, say 'refugees have rights too'

Roi Kais Published: 12.24.10

Some 1,300 people, including dozens of refugees, marched in Tel Aviv on Friday morning as part of a protest against the government's plan to set up a detention facility for infiltrators. They were joined by dozens of children from local schools.

"You told us not to forget and not to forgive, but we have forgotten," chanted the protestors, some of whom were carrying a yellow patch with a Star of David. "Netanyahu, don't be a racist," they said.

"We are asylum seekers, not work seekers, and we need protection," the representative of the Eritrean refugees' community told the audience. "We don't need another prison, be

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