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Reptilians Hybirds fear years after 2013 because of worlds atrocities

The Draco Reptilian have committed atrocities against many human worlds and now through the Atlantian Lemurian Hybrid bloodline program called the illuminati they control all of humanity ! With 2013 approaching they will be working the the photon belt energy that they dont work very well with that's why they rely on heavy brainwashing via the illuminati to control humanity !
JFK in 1963 signed executive order 11110 and demanded the truth be told about Aliens and reality , he was assassinated by the reptilian illuminati !

Added: Oct-4-2010 Occurred On: Aug-17-2010
By: Harmon17
Tags: Reptilians, illuminati, JFK, assassination, hybrids, 2013, photon, belt, atrocities, human
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