Kentucky The Penguin Hates Water.

This is a story basically a stones throw away from where i live and it tickled me to see it was a story being featured all over Russia,hence the music which came with the video : A MOORLANDS wildlife park has got a predicament in its penguin enclosure – one of the new recruits doesn't like water.

Blackbrook Zoological Park, in Winkhill, took delivery of 24 penguins last year.

The species is highly adapted for life in the water and their wings have become flippers.

Most penguins feed on krill, fish, squid and other forms of sealife caught while swimming underwater.

And, according to deputy curator, Jaclyn Pearson, all the Blackbrook birds have taken to their new home swimmingly.

But Kentucky, who came from Chester Zoo, is refusing to go into the water.

It was initially because he was moulting and the water was too cold.

But now he has got used to the attention of remaining rockside and has become a big attraction with visitors.
She said: "When Kentucky first arrived, he hadn't got very good feathering because he was going through a moult.
"At 11 years old, he's quite an old penguin, and because he was a runt he has always had bad moults.
"So he wasn't able to go into the water at first because it would have been too cold.

"But even though his feathers are back to normal, he is still refusing to go in because he's got into the habit of not doing so.
"He'll go for a quick dip but that's it, and then he'll just stand on his rock.

"It's very unusual behaviour because penguins can't get enough of being in the water. They are designed for it."
Kentucky is causing quite a stir with visitors who adore him, according to Jaclyn.

She said: "Visitors really like him and he gets special attention because he won't go in the water.
"Now and then he'll slip into the pool, but he gets straight back onto his rock again."
Despite his unusual traits, Jaclyn said Kentucky had integrated well with the other penguins in the enclosure.
And she is hoping that this year will see the pitter patter of tiny flippers.

She said: "The penguins probably won't start breeding until March when it gets warmer.
"But, when they're ready. they'll let us know. The first sign is usually that they'll start standing together in pairs."

The 80-acre zoological park on the outskirts of Leek is offering free entrance until the end of the month.