Syria Remembers Near Victory of October War-Yom Kippur

39 years ago to the date, combined Arab armies launched a bid to retake the Golan and Sinai. SAA
performed marvelously, punching through Israeli lines, taking the Golan,
and had Haifa in its sight, while SAM missiles totally annihilated the Israeli Air force.

Nixon threatened the world with nuclear destruction. The Arab army
retreated and the Arab world suffered 40 years of Zionist war and

to the disbelievers you can read the Christian Science Article

"TWENTY years ago the world was on the verge of a nuclear confrontation.
Late at night on Oct. 24, 1973, American troops all over the world were
put on alert. Defcon (or Defense Condition) III, the highest state of
armed forces readiness for peacetime conditions, was declared in the
name of President Nixon. The US decision to move to Defcon III during
the Yom Kippur War is well known."

On the anniversary of this great Arab initiative,, that Syria will emerge victorious from the combined NATO
mercenaries and Gulf Arab Assault on its territory.